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Tsebho, packed and ready to shoot more great shots like the ones featured on this website.

Tsebho is a story teller who grew up singing songs of the Tibetan folk hero, King Gesar, from atop a horse as he traveled from tent to tent in his homeland of Machu. He is currently reading "Running With Scissors" by Augustine Burrows, in English, and studying photography.
A guide who loves the traditions of Tibet and can discuss the quirkier literature of the West - Tsebho is truly one of a kind.

Bruce Foreman
(Photographer and Tour Operator, Hong Kong).

Tashi Delek and welcome to Tibetan Nomad Tours
or TNT as we like to call it.

We are Gonpo and Tsebho, a couple of nomads who are passionate about our land and who love bringing travelers to the most stunning Tibetan areas where nomad life is lived in spiritual harmony with the land as it has been for hundreds of years.

From the holy mountains of Amye Machen and Minyak Kongka to the Litang Horse festival, TNT brings you to the heart of nomad life.

Born into Yak herding families in Amdo (Eastern Tibet), both of us studied Buddhism as well as majoring in English, before returning to Kham in the Southern Tibet where we now run TNT through the adventure department of Shangri-La CITS in China's Northern Yunnan province which is called Gyalthang in our local Tibetan language.

We look forward to sharing our favourite spots around the country with you. Click the picture to see our most exciting new itineraries for 2008/ 2009.

Photos by Tsebho, web site by www.photoswithanedge.com


Gonpo with Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential and Discovery Channel celebrity chef.

Gonpo is a legendary guide who took me on a life changing journey called the Grand China Traverse in 2001. He has worked for all the big travel companies, even leading such celebrities as Anthony Bourdain. I am so happy for his successes with his own travel company over the past four years.

Jacqui Robertson, (Sydney)

Tibetan Nomad Tours, Heping Rd, Shangri-La, (behind the Guann Gang Hotel) ph: +8613988783499